Our Difference

Our Model


We truly believe the best learning happens when students have the opportunity to do. Students start their own businesses. They build real websites for companies during internships. Every day presents opportunities to problem solve, think critically, and build something new.


All of the core subjects are taught with application in mind. Students not only learn the standards of math, English, social studies, and science, but they learn to apply them in real world settings.

Collaboration vs. Independence

We work in teams. We promote proactivity. We believe that these attributes are not in tension, but support one another. Students at Patiño are pushed to become strong in both of these areas.


All students take technology courses in online marketing or web development. These skills support their entrepreneurship and also allow them to explore potential careers in the technology industry.


Our teachers work in a startup environment. They work collaboratively to teach differently to support our unique student outcomes, to incorporate the entrepreneur mindset in all courses, and to make a difference for students. Students here know that teachers are going to push them and support them.


Established local entrepreneurs mentor each student-built company. Students benefit from real world perspectives and have a professional resource outside of school.

Coaches and Consultants

We believe expertise from the real world can make a difference in the classroom. That’s why experts volunteer as coaches to teach specific skills like business law or pricing and consultants from the industry support technology classes.

Unique Courses

From our specialized Incubatoredu entrepreneurship courses, to our technology courses designed in partnership with Geekwise Academy, to our AP Capstone, to our interdisciplinary core courses, we offer courses designed with amazing student outcomes. Most of these courses can’t be found anywhere else in the Central Valley.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage students to think outside of the box. The Patiño School of Entrepreneurship creates an environment where creativity and innovation are not just possible- they are expected.

Our Building

Not only does our building offer state of the art technology, but it was designed with entrepreneurship outcomes in mind. That means that collaboration, technology, pitching, and creating are all valued in the space. Even the furniture was selected to support these processes.