Bitwise Industries


Our Work with Bitwise

Part of our educational program is to connect students with industry professionals who serve as mentors as students launch their companies. Bitwise Industries is a hub for technology companies in Fresno. Through the collaborative facilities of their company known as Hashtag, students will be exposed to a startup technology culture. And working with some of the founders of the companies housed there, students will have real industry professionals as mentors for their work.

About Bitwise Industries

Bitwise Industries is the mothership of technological education, collaboration and innovation in Fresno. What happened in the Silicon Valley, Austin, and Portland that didn’t happen in Fresno? The founders of Bitwise Industries started asking that question in 2012 and concluded that Fresno’s tech scene was falling short in three key areas: place, education, and execution. Fresno has both the people and potential to become a global hub.

Bitwise Industries fills the gap of place through Hashtag, their collaborative office space, education through Geekwise Academy, and execution through Shift3 Technologies, a technology company.

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