Brett Taylor

Rethinking what it means to teach and learn.  Recognizing that the one-size fits all approach to education does not result in college and career readiness for all, Brett has found a passion in designing an innovative entrepreneurial learning organization that involves students in the work of the real world. Brett is currently principal, actualizing a vision in which every student learns how to learn for a lifetime. In his previous role as an instructional leader, Brett has redesigned a high school’s career pathways into a focused academy system, reestablished and invigorated a student driven culture, and created and trained district administrators and teachers in technology systems that supported data presentation, collaborative communication, and teacher accountability. Brett has also developed a formal instructional coaching program and was instrumental in launching core curriculum instructional plans and assessment systems. Brett’s desire as principal is to contextualize his theoretical expertise such that students are able to cultivate the habits of entrepreneurs as they engage in creative student-centered experiential learning.


Blair Eliason

Fostering the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Before beginning her career in education, Blair worked in the world of manufacturing and product development. With a move back to the San Joaquin Valley from the Bay Area, she entered the field of education. A decade later, Blair still sees herself as a product developer where she is able to cultivate an environment in which students take ownership of developing their minds. Blair is currently Vice Principal, ensuring students have access to the necessary intellectual resources and capital that will help them transition from secondary academic settings to their post-secondary academic and professional endeavors. Blair’s greatest desire as an instructional leader is to ensure students are provided with an innovative intellectual experience that allows for an understanding of the connection between the academic world and post-secondary pursuits.