Sarah Gargan

Demonstrating the predictive power of the past, present, and future. Sarah’s ability to connect assumptions with evidence and conclusions allow her to develop and nurture an ecosystem of scientific innovation. Her experience across grade levels has enabled her to guide her students from thinking to doing to knowing. Through this process they make discoveries from fundamental research that become new ideas that benefit their metacognitive growth. Sarah is currently a lead teacher, designing and implementing curriculum that considers scientific content, practices and the implications of the pedagogical shifts resulting from new standards and frameworks. Sarah has previously supported teachers as both a mentor and master teacher. She believes in creating spaces filled with resources that spark curiosity in students of all ages and posing enticing questions that engage students in the work of solving problems through a scientific lens. Her aim is to ignite a passion within her students to explore how the world works and then figure out how their hypotheses can be put to the test of reality.


Sue Gularte

Getting to the source of it all. Along with 25 years of experience in teaching history, Sue brings an expertise to her craft unmatched by few. Sue is currently a lead teacher, designing curriculum that marries entrepreneurial and historical thinking skills that enable students to interpret the implications of events and actions over time. Sue has participated in various professional development opportunities such as Advanced Placement, AVID, and KAGAN. As an instructional leader in the field, Sue has also been a member of the Instructional Lead Teacher team, American History Grant Leadership team, and Fresno State History Project. Additionally, Sue has taken on the role of department chair and mock trial chair at the site level. Her ability to think outside the box, as an innovator teaching history, has enabled her to meet the needs of students as they develop skills as critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Lisa Hamby

Promoting literacy and language as social practice. Lisa brings with her over 15 years of experience in literacy and language development. Lisa is currently a lead teacher, where she guides instructional design and implementation in the field of literacy and English. Prior to joining our team, Lisa trained teachers on the Common Core Standards, supported teachers across the district in curricular planning and implementation, and developed curriculum to support teachers in meeting the needs of struggling readers. She has also served as instructional coach, grant coordinator, and English teacher at both the high school and community college level. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of teaching and professional development, depth of understanding about how students develop literacies and how to support that development, and belief that literacy lives within each discipline has earned her the respect of both her students and professional colleagues alike.


Michael Padilla

Igniting an entrepreneurial economy in education. In the few years Michael has been a teacher, his entrepreneurial spirit has fueled his desire to create innovative learning experiences for students. Michael is currently a lead teacher, identifying skills and building curriculum that intentionally develops students’ capacity to innovate as they navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Michael has previously taught business, accounting, entrepreneurship, and virtual enterprise courses. He has also served as a lead teacher of his previous district’s business academy and technology committee. Among his colleagues, Michael has earned the reputation as a catalyst for entrepreneurial learners for his ability to nurture curiosity, imagination, creativity and analytical abilities.


Paige Parker

Aligning factual and procedural proficiency with conceptual knowledge. Paige’s passion for math is contagious. Her nine years of experience, rich mathematics education, and various accolades make her more than qualified to teach math. These elements do not compare, however, to Paige’s desire to cultivate an excitement within her students by connecting mathematical practices with everyday life. Paige is currently a lead teacher, building curriculum that reflects society’s needs for mathematical literacy. Paige has taught all levels of math and is fluent in the vast range of relevant processes and content. Paige has also previously worked with teachers across content areas to address the literacy needs of students. Paige’s understanding of content, technology, and literacy enable her to communicate current understandings of mathematics and the contextual factors that shape it.


Christine Rodriguez

Merging technology with pedagogy to increase human capital. While relatively new to the field of education, Christine has established herself as an exemplary teacher and instructional leader. As the 2013-2014 District Teacher of the Year for Golden Plains Unified School District, Christine is respected for her ability to support both students and teachers in their acquisition and application of technology skills. Christine is currently a lead teacher, building curriculum that incorporates the latest technology trends. She also partners with her professional colleagues to ensure teachers are prepared to use technology to support content acquisition in their respective fields. Her goal is to integrate technology with innovative teaching practices that support student-centered learning.