INCubatoredu is a collaborative learning experience for high school students. The program provides the curriculum for our 11th and 12th grade entrepreneurship classes, as well as training for our entrepreneurship teachers and community partners who serve as mentors.

ABOUT eduScrum

INCubatoredu’s key points of distinction include:

  • Blend of Lean Startup process with foundational business topics
  • Authentic, real-world learning
  • Hands-on problem solving
  • Team teaching with classroom teacher, coaches, and mentors
  • Ongoing professional development for classroom teachers and volunteers


Patino School of Entrepreneurship has partnered with eduScrum in the 2019-2020 school year. eduScrum is an innovative instructional method where students are working in self-managing teams and make their learning visible. Students and teachers develop an agile mindset.

ABOUT eduScrum

  • eduScrum makes it easier for faculty and teachers to take on a role as facilitators and be effective guides on the side, while providing a clear structure. 
  • Students work in teams, manage their learning activities and their progress with a visual board.
  • Students learn to take charge of their learning process, collaborate in teams, and develop their communication and leadership skills


Quiq Labs is a Fresno, CA based technology and creative studio. Quiq Labs has over 30 years of experience in technology and design. The principals at Quiq Labs have won numerous awards including 2 time winners of The 59 Days of Code competition in Fresno, Fresno Ad Federation Rising Star Company, and 2016 Green & Technology Business Of the Year with the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce.

Quiq Labs has expanded into offering technology educational services such as computer literacy, web design, software development, graphic design, and photography instruction. Quiq Labs provides technology teaching services to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and nonprofit organizations.

ABOUT Quiq Labs

  • Working to educate students in the areas of Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Provides a mentor-ship program through Learn S.T.E.A.M., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to help bridge the digital divide in Fresno County
  • Frequently speak with students about careers in technology

OUR WORK WITH The Lyles Center

The Lyles Center provides our students access to entrepreneurship mentors who are going through the process of launching a company themselves. The Lyles Center provides curriculum and training for our teachers from entrepreneurship educators at the college level. Additionally, our work with the Lyles Center allows students to see what entrepreneurship programs and opportunities exist at Fresno State and connect directly with college students who can share their experiences.


The Lyles Center uses its strategic position to leverage resources from the entire university to assist innovators and entrepreneurs in the development of their ideas into a business. The Lyles Center acts as a bridge for the campus and community, linking resources of both to achieve success in the marketplace. In an effort to achieve these goals the Lyles Center has a wide expanse of programs aimed at four specific entrepreneurship targets: youth, collegiate, university, and community.

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